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professional services organization
professional services organization


Make The Hybrid Work Model “Work” for Your Organization

A standard model for hybrid working has not yet emerged:

  • 36% of professional services organizations have no set number of office days;
  • 36% require staff to be on-site at least 3 times/week;
  • 28% are asking employees to come to the office at least once a week.

Each professional services company must write its own formula for successful hybrid working. A best practice in this process is leveraging hybrid work planning technologies - especially in large organizations. They minimize the likelihood of human error, provide visibility to both employees and managers, and create a positive hybrid working experience. 

professional services hybrid working statistics
professional services hybrid working statistics
hybrid work planning software

Hybrid workplace software

All hybrid work planning in one calendar view for everyone in your professional services organization. It allows everyone in your organization to plan their work (at home, in the office, out of office), stay up-to-date with others’ schedules, and book spaces for team activities.

workplace analytics-1

Workplace analytics

Understand how employees interact with spaces when they work on-site. Keep track of the workspace utilization, canceled bookings, no-shows, and more. Send a short feedback questionnaire to everyone who visited the office and generate an employee satisfaction report.


Embrace flexible working

Flexible office space is already widely used in professional services, and this trend will only continue. 70% of companies in the sector, according to CBRE, already use flexible office space arrangements, while the remaining 30% have begun experimenting with it.

An office space management solution combined with rich utilization analytics can take these workspace experiments to the next level. With a technology-backed flexible office management approach, professional services companies can accommodate their teams’ space needs - even if the employee count is growing and the real estate is being downsized. 

flexible working in professional services
flexible working in professional services
desk booking software

Desk booking software

Desk booking software for truly flexible workplaces that doesn’t tie people to their desks.

room booking software

Room booking software

A meeting room booking system that will speed up your work and  streamline team collaboration.

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Use New Workplace Technologies Effectively

In the era of digital transformation, technology is what keeps every organization one step ahead of the competition. However, one of the biggest challenges professional services organizations have to confront is ensuring a smooth adoption of new tools.

Besides the changes that have to be made within the existing organization’s IT network, the new workplace tech adoption process usually involves end-user training. In some cases, it can be even more time-consuming than the actual implementation. That’s why identifying integration opportunities should be the first step professional services organizations take on the road to successful technology adoption.

integrations for professional services
integrations for professional services

Most popular: Microsoft Teams integration

Install YAROOMS as a Teams channel tab or a personal ribbon app and make it available to your entire user base in minutes. No prior user training required.

yarooms mobile

YAROOMS Mobile app for on-the-go scheduling

All YAROOMS space booking functionalities available in an easy-to-use mobile app. Let your employees schedule their workday wherever they are.


Optimize Your Sustainability Efforts With Data

More than a third of sector leaders from midsize professional services companies believe that sustainability is crucial to boosting revenue growth, reveals a SAP Insights survey. The survey also suggests that optimization - of office utilization, business travel, and employee commute - is the most common measure professional services organizations take up to reduce their environmental impact.

Sustainability starts with real data: to reduce our carbon footprint, we must first understand it. This is why companies that are looking to become carbon neutral, need accurate ways to track and forecast everything about their CO2 emissions.

sustainable professional services workplace
sustainable professional services workplace
yarooms carbon dashboard

Carbon dashboard

Monitor and report on the CO2 Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions, estimate the use of office resources, and track your progress in reducing your CO2 footprint.

employee commute profile

Employee commute profile

Activate the commute profile in your office locations, keep track of employees’ commute routines, and reduce the commute impact on the environment.


A customized workspace management solution for Mercury Insurance

mercury insurance logo-2

The YAROOMS team gave us the ability to make a custom-built product that conformed to exactly what we wanted. YAROOMS “Can Do” attitude made the difference for us and now we have a special solution for everyone in the office. They met all our requirements!”, - says Charles Camplese, Project Manager, Mercury Insurance

large technology organization

Customer-voted market leader committed to changing the way we work



Hybrid work solutions for employee-centric organizations

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