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Build a successful hybrid work environment

It’s safe to say that hybrid work is here to stay, and that it now defines a truly modern technology company. Accenture reveals that the “productivity everywhere” model is used by 63% of high-growth tech businesses. Businesses that don't invest in a well-designed hybrid work environment risk slipping behind their competition.

hybrid work planning in technology companies with yarooms
hybrid work planning calendar

Hybrid work planning calendar

  • Create the preferred hybrid work schedule and save your planning for a day, a week, or a full month.
  • Check when your colleagues are coming to the office and book a desk near them.
  • Set up planning and work from home thresholds for different employee groups. 
workplace analytics-1

Workplace analytics

  • Understand how people interact with workspaces when they come to the office.
  • Monitor average office space utilization, the number of no-shows, the number of bookings, etc. 
  • Send a short survey to everyone who visited the office and generate an employee satisfaction report. 


Cut back on office space (as your team grows)

Despite the thousands of layoffs at Amazon, Google, and Meta, IT jobs will still be in high demand in 2023. 8 of the top 10 “best jobs” in the U.S. this year are technology roles.

It makes sense. A company is only as good as its employees, so finding new talent is at the very foundation of growth. However, many big tech companies find themselves in the situation of needing new employees but running out of office space. How can they meet new space demands without having to shell out a fortune to rent (or buy!) additional real estate?

Hybrid work, combined with efficient space management, shines through as one of the most cost-efficient options available. 

hybrid work in downsized office space
desk booking

Desk booking software

By reducing the number of fixed workstations, desk booking software can help you transition to a smaller office space.

room booking

Room booking software

Room booking software can help to downsize and save real estate costs by optimizing your office space utilization.


Commit to net-zero carbon

The tech industry’s contribution to the carbon footprint cannot be ignored. Studies predict that the technology sector will account for 14% of global carbon emissions by 2040 if current trends continue. This means that to thrive and make a difference in the world of tomorrow, companies must integrate sustainability into their operations. 

One of the most accessible ways for tech companies to adopt a greener, more sustainable approach is using workplace technology that helps to track and monitor their CO2 emissions. This way, organizations can stay compliant with sustainable business standards and understand the areas for improvement.

sustainable ICT office
yarooms carbon dashboard

Carbon dashboard

  • Monitor and report on the CO2 Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.
  • Estimate the use of office resources.
  • Track your progress in reducing your carbon footprint.
employee commute profile

Employee commute profile

  • Activate the commute profile in your office locations.
  • Keep track of employees’ commute routines.
  • Reduce the commute impact on the environment.


Boost productivity with integrated workplace technology

As companies adopt more applications and software, managing these technologies may become complicated. Your workplace’s IT infrastructure is an intricate cobweb of multiple tools – and it’s only reasonable to make sure that newly adopted solutions can seamlessly blend into the existing network. 

Moreover, poorly integrated tech has an immense impact on employee experience and productivity. Toggling between different work apps only takes seconds, but what many don’t realize is that it adds up to… 10 weeks of drained productive time per year! To prevent this, organizations can opt for interoperable workplace solutions. 

yarooms integrations
yarooms integrations

Microsoft Teams integration

  • Install YAROOMS as a Teams channel tab or a personal ribbon app and make it available to your entire user base in minutes.
  • No prior user training is needed to navigate the solution in the familiar Teams interface. 
yarooms mobile


  • All YAROOMS space booking functionalities available within a hand’s reach to schedule your day wherever you are.
  • Reserve workspaces, check in to confirm your presence, and control your personal agenda.


Smart hybrid working in a complex organization


Whether it’s about booking desks or creating hybrid work schedules - we now have efficient processes supported by reliable technology. We noticed an improvement in workplace productivity, as everyone can now easily reserve workspaces and plan their workweek. That, basically, was the key business need that YAROOMS successfully covered”, - says Manuele Ascia, Project Manager, Digital Corporate, Saipem. 

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