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Smart hybrid working in a large and complex organization

Creating an end-to-end smart office experience for every employee at Saipem. 


About Saipem

Saipem is an advanced technological and engineering platform for the design, construction, and operation of safe and sustainable complex infrastructure and plants. It is listed on the Milan stock exchange and operates in 70 countries around the world with 32,000 employees from 130 different nationalities. Their head office in Milan is a workplace for 4,000 employees.

The challenge

Successful office moves start with good planning. Because office moves involve so many… moving parts, it's essential to draw a clear plan of steps to take over the weeks preceding the relocation and, even more importantly - what will happen after it.

When Saipem moved its Milan office into a new building, the architect and the digital transformation team undertook a task to design a smooth end-to-end journey around the smart office for every employee. 

Part of this journey was organizing office resources, booking desks or meeting rooms, and scheduling employee work arrangements - the tasks that have never been best done manually. Especially in the hybrid work setting that Saipem has adopted after the relocation. Because of that, the company was looking for a reliable solution to help them streamline space booking and create a positive hybrid working experience.

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The solution

Currently, Saipem is using YAROOMS for space booking and hybrid work planning. 

For Saipem, the relocation was also a step toward optimization. As is the case with many cost-conscious, forward-thinking companies nowadays, the new Saipem office is downsized and cannot accommodate all 4000 employees at once. The YAROOMS desk and room booking solution plays an essential role by ensuring that employees who need a workspace in the office can always reserve it. Moreover, with YAROOMS, Saipem can manage seating arrangements between different departments and gain much-needed visibility over this complex organization. 

To make the most of the space available, Saipem implemented the hybrid work model - and we helped them to get it going with our hybrid work planning software. It is a calendar-like tool that everyone at Saipem uses to create their preferred hybrid work schedules (working at home, in the office, or on vacation) independently. The solution fully accommodates the diversity of planning rules in a large organization - it is possible to set work-from-home thresholds or save the planning for different time intervals.

It is also possible to book meeting rooms through real-time synchronization of resources between Microsoft Outlook, YAROOMS, and more than 200 installed room screens. Furthermore, Luca Morrone (PM Digital & IT Enterprise Solution, Saipem) reminds us that another integration with YAROOMS has also implemented an algorithm suggests workstations to employees based on energy efficiency.

YAROOMS is a young, smart, and fast company. They listen to the customer's needs very attentively and quickly respond with solutions. That’s what happened with the hybrid work planning calendar, for example. The YAROOMS team developed a functionality we requested, and now it is being offered as one of their solution’s modules”, - says Manuele Ascia, Project Manager, Digital Corporate, Saipem.

Results with YAROOMS

By ensuring efficient space management and work planning, YAROOMS is a valuable contributor to the smart office experience at Saipem. 

Whether it’s about booking desks or creating hybrid work schedules - we now have efficient processes supported by reliable technology. We noticed an improvement in workplace productivity, as everyone can now easily reserve workspaces and plan their workweek. That, basically, was the key business need that YAROOMS successfully covered”, - says Manuele Ascia, Project Manager, Digital Corporate, Saipem


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