How to gain full visibility on your office utilization and enhance employee experience

$324k per year

That's the worth of employee time that Robalino saves using YAROOMS.

About Robalino

Robalino is Ecuador's leading legal services and consulting firm.
With 10 years of experience in the field, they provide practical solutions that have received local and international recognition.

The challenge

Spread over 4 offices across the country, Robalino employs more than 300 professionals: lawyers, consultants, partners, interns, and other staff. For many of them, the typical workday consists of client meetings, hearings, court appearances, and on-and-off work at the office.

Such a dynamic workforce requires flexible and always accessible workplaces, but Robalino struggled to provide it. Without clarity over available office spaces, employees were wasting their productive time searching for vacant seats. Frustrations were building.

The solution

With YAROOMS Desk booking, Robalino's employees can be confident that they will find a comfortable place to work and a spot to park their car whenever they come to the office.

The interactive floor map brings much-needed visibility and streamlines the scheduling process. Users can look up spaces, space features, or even colleagues and instantly locate their search results in the office.

The solution is accessible to users as both web and mobile applications. Always on the move, Robalino’s professionals have full planning autonomy and can make, edit, or cancel their bookings wherever they are.

Results with YAROOMS

With YAROOMS, Robalino gained visibility over the office utilisation and optimised the workplace to accommodate the dynamic needs of its staff.

Increased space accessibility and scheduling autonomy had an immense impact on employee satisfaction. As shuffling around looking for available spaces is over and done, coming to the office is not anymore a stressful experience.

Workplace analytics helped Robalino understand the real capabilities of their office and continue creating a delightful workplace experience.

Emily Rodríguez

Human Resources Co-ordinator



"YAROOMS is simple, beautiful and very, very user-friendly. We were happy to adopt a solution that everyone can start using in minutes - it’s that straightforward. Also, the floor map makes a big difference when booking spaces - not all solutions that we looked into were able to provide this much visibility. YAROOMS has become our key tool in building a future-proof workplace strategy."


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