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Overcoming office capacity challenges in the post-pandemic era

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The worth of employee time that Focus saves using YAROOMS.

About Focus C.I.C

Focus C.I.C is a Social Enterprise that has been working in partnership with the NHS and local government since 2013.

The organization provides social services, such as safeguarding, career guidance, continuous health care, hospital discharge, etc., to the most vulnerable people in North East Lincolnshire.

Acting as "community brokers", 80 staff members work to enable people to take control of themselves, make full use of the community assets available, and develop new community capacity.


The challenge

Before YAROOMS, the Focus C.I.C staff, half of them working from the office, and another half - in and out, followed open seating policies.

The "first come - first served" principle often resulted in the overcrowded workplace and people having to go home, or settle in alternative areas, such as the kitchen.

The coronavirus pandemic has aggravated these capacity challenges, bringing new social distancing and occupancy management regulations. Jamming up in the office canteen was no longer an option.


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The solution

Focus C.I.C started with the desk booking module to offer everyone instant availability and autonomy when planning work.

Desk booking solutions come in all shapes and forms, so we asked Focus C.I.C what made them select YAROOMS:

  • User-friendliness: a clean, simple, easy to understand interface.
  • The balance between price and value.
  • Mobile application with its on-the-go scheduling capabilities.
  • Company branding features, allowing to create an interface that employees feel familiar to.

Results with YAROOMS

  • Improved visibility - employees know when and where they will be at the office. Desks can be reserved near colleagues they need to collaborate with.
  • Employee satisfaction - spaces matching individual criteria can be reserved autonomously (phone, monitor, etc.).
  • Workplace safety - successfully implemented social distancing requirements and capacity regulations.


Digital Information Coordinator



"We highly recommend YAROOMS - it delivers everything that's promised. Great service and support, too. I like the constant development - every now and then, new features are added to the solution, and each of them seems to be helpful in one way or another"


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